For those of you who scored tickets to the Museum of Ice Cream this summer, well done. For those who got shut out (you’re in good company) here’s some exciting NYC ice cream news — especially if you’ve got a kid with nut allergies.  There’s a new, nut-free sweet treat shop in town, and we sampled the goods. Delicious!



photo: A la mode

Get the Nut Out of Here!
For parents of kids with nut allergies, label reading is old habit. And up until now, if your kid had serious nut allergies, heading to the ice cream store could be quite stressful. Even if servers know which flavors are nut free, do the people who work there know to keep the scoops from other flavors separate?

Well, worry no more! A La Mode’s 100% nut-free flavors are rich, creamy and delicious. Read on for more details on the flavors, colors, and textures that make this dessert spot one you need to try — whether you have allergies or not.


photo: A la mode

Tastes for Tongues Big & Small
A la Mode has something for every member of the family. There are enjoyable flavors for the foodie (try Rosewater), the grown up (Wired, aka a coffee flavor), as well as the kids, of course, such as Pink Sprinkle and Partly Cloudy,  the latter of which is blue cotton candy ice cream with mini-marshmallows thrown in for good measure .

And those of you that just need a little crunch in your ice cream, even without nuts, A La Mode doesn’t disappoint. Using chocolate chips in the wired and speed bump flavors, the mix of textures keeps this tasting true to form in so many ways.


photo: A la mode

Parties, Events & More
With a room for parties and classes (kids can take part in everything from music to crafts here) A la Mode is more than just an ice cream shop. “Cones and Crafts” on Tuesdays is a weekly class for 1 to 4-year-olds that includes a craft, a mini cone for the child and a regular sized-treat for the grown-up, all for the bargain price of $10.

For those who like to do a little shopping while getting their scoops, A La Mode stocks cute clothing and gifts including onesies and T-shirts to bejeweled stickers, patches and even backpacks for the older set.


photo: A la mode

What’s Next for this Nut-Free Treat Purveyor?
A La Mode has a new factory in the Bronx that will be distributing its ice cream to larger stores like Shop Rite and Costco, as well as sleepaway camps such as Trails End, so within months more folks with nut allergies will get to experience this yummy treat.

Heads up: There will also be an emoji pop up shop on September 22nd, with a free-to-attend party to celebrate the launch of a new Emoji Ice Cream.

A La Mode Shoppe
360 East 55th St.
Upper East Side

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